Church History

The original church began in the basement of Bill and Sue Powers home in Happy Valley. As they grew in number, they moved to the Top O' Scott Golf Course Clubhouse while the first church building was being built in Happy Valley. On February 16, 1969, the building was complete and we had our first service. Pastor Leonard Martin was the first pastor.

Charter Members

William Powers Susan Powers Randy Brown
Connie Brown Matt Brown Bret Brown
Billie DeSpain Buster DeSpain Becky DeSpain
William Moffett Laurine Moffett Rocky Gothard
Rolland Crooke Kathy Crooke Danny Crooke
Mary Wiitala Mel Wiitala Emmy Wiitala
David Wiitala Dan Lawler Betty Lawler
Richard Howard Doris Howard Judith Atkinson
Dave Scott Penny Scott Gloria Root
Louis Root Penny Root  Roland Wold
Jeannie Addis Robert Heinson Elizabeth Heinson
Faith Heinson Tim Heinson Leonard Martin
Pat Martin    



The first building built in 1969 - 


In 2006, the North Clackamas School District came to the church to let us know they were taking the building and property by imminent domain. There was MUCH prayer and many, many meetings and discussions. It ended up with the school district taking our land but giving us the land just above us in exchange. There were so many hoops to jump through and permits to purchase. The first picture below is the artist rendering of the church. At one point before the groundbreaking, it didn't look like it was actually going to happen, and Leona McDonald went to the church site with a paint can and let us all know what we needed! FAITH!!!  The groundbreaking for the new building was 8/8/08. The building began! We met for church in the school beside us. We were always observing and cleaning around the building site. Pastor Bob and Mary were always present. Sue Powers took her Sunday School class over to the building every Sunday to pray over it. God is so good! 

Our first service was in September of 2009!

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